Temple Directions

Temple Directions

  • Located in West Nashville area (called Bellevue).
  • Take Interstate 40 West. Take Exit: 199 (Old Hickory Blvd).
  • Take Left at the ramp (If coming from Memphis side, take Right).
  • Temple is on the RIGHT a few blocks away. (Nearest Landmark: Sam’s Club)



Remember: Old Hicktory Blvd. is a circular road in Nashville. You can see everywhere.  Please do not get confused.

Our Temple is located on the WESTERN Side of Nashville.  Please make sure that you study the map / look at the GPS map BEFORE coming close to the place.  We get reports that people get lost even when they use GPS – due to the fact that Old Hickory Blvd. is a circular road – all around Nashville.

High Level Map:


Closer Map:


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