Dear Devotees,

Please find enclosed flier introducing Aalayadhar program at Sri Ganesha Temple. Your donations go a long way in planning various poojas and religious events for the next year. The enclosed flier explains the various poojas you can sponsor throughout the year by being an Aalayadhar. You have an option of being a Mukhya Aalayadhar, Pradhana Aalayadhar or Aalayadhar. We saw an increase in number of Aalayadhars from 22 in 2020 to 39 in 2021. Our goal is to reach 50 this year. Please use the enclosed link to become an Aalayadhar at Sri Ganesha Temple.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Temple if any questions.

Thanking you,

Venkat Reddy
Chairman, BoT
Sri Ganesha Temple